Professional development and career enhancement education institution “Mācību centrs plus” was founded on May 2, 2012. Ever since our founding date, we have been providing active and successful personnel training for corporate customers (tourism, production, sales and other industries) and implementing education projects: coupon-paid training for the unemployed and job seekers, life-long learning and competitive growth efforts, based on different developed methods and handout packages. Our mission is to implement top-quality professional education programs.

"Mācību centrs plus" offers education services of the following categories:

  • • Informal education;
  • • Professional education;
  • • Trainings;
  • • Psychological counselling.
  • The objective of "Mācību centrs plus" LLC is to establish long-term cooperation, identify the customers' needs pertaining to education and use these as a basis for the provision of modern and high-quality education solutions promoting development and growth. Our task is to facilitate your work through assistance in the identification and utilization of the most adequate resources for the implementation of studies:

  • • Tutors;
  • • Premises;
  • • Education subjects and programs;
  • • Funding.
  • Vacancies

    "Mācību centrs plus" welcomes conscientious and highly qualified tutors ready to provide excellent education and share top-grade knowledge. Please send your proposals along with your CV to info@mcplus.lv.

    Our priorities:

  • • Customers and their preferences;
  • • Individual attention paid to every student;
  • • Organization of modern top-quality studies;
  • • Promotion of the students' competitive performance in the employment market;
  • • Formidable practical experience of the employees and the team;
  • • Certified tutors who improve their qualification on a regular basis.
  • Organization

    According to the Charter of the educational institution, the duration of a single class is 45 minutes; students' academic performance (expertise, knowledge and skills) is rated by means of final examinations on a ten-point scale. Studies take place every weekday from 9.00 AM till 6.00 PM.


    Tutors with vast experience an their areas of expertise. Studies are conducted using tried-and-true education methods adequate for a wide range of attendees. Teachers at the education centre are experts and consultants in their respective sectors, with impeccable proficiency in their areas of expertise. Practical and theoretical studies let the attendees develop their knowledge base in accordance with the latest trends and requirements in the respective realms.